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Disclaimer and Disclosure

Graceful Willow Learning

Graceful Willow Learning is a space where I share my view of what education is, what is should look like, how to teach it, and at what pace.

My years studying to become a teacher, my experience teaching at different schools -in 3 countries- have taught me a few things about how our children learn; and combined with my knowledge of God's teachings, I have developed an understanding on what raising our future generations should look like.

I do not have a doctorate degree and I am not an expert in the field of creating curricula for the different grades, but I am sharing what I think will help my kids develop in society and lead their souls to Heaven.


This is a private website; created, written and edited by María Ignacia. I work with different advertising, sponsorships, or other forms of compensation to support my family.

The money earned through these different forms of compensation will never influence the content I post, and I work really hard to look for the best products I have myself or know people who have them and love them. I will never recommend something that I wouldn't use or buy.

Monetary Disclosure

Graceful Willow Learning participates from the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to help content makers monetize their websites, social media, online software applications, etc. by placing product links referring you, the costumer, to

We reserve the right to participate from other affiliate programs such as shopify or particular affiliations. If and when this happens, you will see it reflected in here.

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