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Learn through Appointments

Going to the doctor is scary for kids. But if they have the opportunity to ask questions, explore the doctors' tools, and understand everything that is happening, then it will prove to be much easier and enjoyable for everyone, and not to mention how much they will learn about their health, a doctor's job, etc.
Family at the Doctor's office
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Kids at the vet
Bringing your children to the vet when you have to take your pets is a good way for them to learn about their job, animals, responsibilities tied to owning pets, etc. Let them explore, ask questions, and maybe even volunteer in there.
Many people are afraid of the dentist because of all the tools and the noises they make. But if your children get used to seeing you at the dentist, are allowed to ask questions, want to see what is going on, and explore the different tools, brushes, etc. they will develop a sense of familiarity and hopefully they won't be afraid when it's their turn to go.
Kids with a tooth representing the dentist
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