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Learn at Home

Family playing board games at home
Board Games
Playing boardgames teaches children many valuable skills such as focus, taking turns, strategic thinking, following rules, among others... and depending on the type of game, it can teach specific knowledge (geography, history, science, maths, language, etc). And it is always a win-win situation since your kids are learning, playing, and you are all having a great quality family time.
Family visiting family
Family Time
Spending time with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even just your nuclear family -parents and children- is one of the most important things that kids need. This family time provides a sense of belonging, feeling safe and loved, and family is the first approach to living in society, so they learn social etiquette, rules, behaviors, etc.
Kids watching a movie
Watch a Movie
Screen time is a sensitive topic now a days, with a lot of guilt feelings attached to it. If you choose to show your kids a movie, make sure it is one that enables them to do some critical thinking, learn some new things, see examples of virtuous people, or experience problem solving skills through observing the main characters in the movie. You can also provide activities for them to do after watching it. Try ours!
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