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Learn through Cleaning

Kids disinfecting a bathroom
Wether you prefer chemical disinfectants or go the more natural way, teaching your kids which products to use for different things will prepare them for future life, but it will also be a huge help for you to keep up with the household cleaning. If you do go the natural way, you can also teach them how to mix the ingredients to make them.
Kids in a cleaning party mopping the floors
Cleaning Party
Crank up the music, a good podcast, or devotional and assign chores to every kid. They must complete the task all at the same time while singing or listening to what is playing. It is even more fun when you plan a chain to tidy up things and you just keep on passing them from hand to hand until they reach the right place.
Kids around the house with different cleaning chores
Having a chore chart can help you and your children organize your days and know exactly what needs to be done every day. It is also useful to assign one day of laundry per kid (or multiple children per day) so they can take responsibility of their clothes. All these will instill in them good cleaning and tidying habits that are useful in every stage of life.
Daily Chores
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