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Cloudy Day Activity Ideas

Kids fishing
Teaching kids to be patient can prove very hard to do. But if you introduce it in a fun and unnoticeable way, they will work on this virtue and learn many other things.
Fishing is a sport where patience is key, but you get exposed to so many things: bugs, water, flotation device, sun, knife, cooler with ice,  water safety, how to prepare    food, etc.
Kids playing with the leaves
Play with Leaves
Playing with leaves during the fall is one of young kids' favorite activities: they can make 'leaf rain', pretend food, forts, paths, leaf studies, etc. It can all be su much fun, and you can make it a useful game if you request them to rake the leaves and make piles for you. It's a win-win!
Kids on a nature walk
Going on a nature walk has many benefits for the family: breathing fresh air can help lower stress levels, oxygenate the brain allowing it to make more significant connections, exercise, explore new places, observe nature, have bonding family time, among others.
Hike/Nature Walk
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