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Learn at Parks

Going to the playground is one of the best things you can do for your children: they are outside, in contact with nature, running around, using their imaginations to play and have fun. And the best part? You can choose if you want to play with them or if you want to sit on a nearby bench while you watch them have fun, learn, and exercise. 
Kids at a playground
Kids at a state or national park
Visiting national and state parks allows you and your family to have quality time; being in contact with nature; playing sports; learning from different plants, animals, ecosystems; etc. You can do a day trip, an overnight stay, or plan a full vacation since most of them have cabins and RV/tent sites. 
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Amusement parks are a great way to have fun, experience some adrenaline, and participate from the culture that surrounds these types of parks, and fairs. You can also introduce certain math, science, engineering and history concepts, among others. For example, they can learn about hormones secreted by the brain when exposed to the rides; how rides work; why were parks like these ones created; etc. 
Kids at an amusement park or carnival rides
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