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Notes of Grace: Integrating Music into Catholic Homeschooling

Activity for 7+ year olds

Music is one of the purest ways of expression. You can express yourself by creating music, creating lyrics to songs, singing already known songs, interpreting others' music, etc. Moreover, it is believed that one of the most powerful forms of prayer is through music and song. Through music, we can express our faith and spirituality through a melodic worship.

In our Catholic faith, we make use of hymns, chants and sacred music to contribute to the solemnity of Mass. These are carefully chosen to enhance the different liturgical seasons like Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary time.

Another way to use music could be a meditative prayer with Gregorian chants; a monophonic and unaccompanied type of singing that allows your mind to open up to God's word.

In my household, I have been very intentional in what music I play for my littles. One of the main changes has been secular music. I know not all of it is bad, but I have found that contemporary Christian music can be uplifting and provide that sense of company or temporary escape that secular music provides, without the risk of being exposed to the wrong type of messages, words, or ideas. I found the radio station "K-Love" and I have since only played their music whenever I have to go places or feel like listening to some light music.

Aside from the multiple religious connections we can establish with music, this one brings the possibility to study great composers, math concepts and skills, history, and music in itself like sounds, pitch, rhythm, tempo, etc. Keep an eye out for our Music unit studies coming soon!

To make music you need your voice and your body to perform rhythmic sounds that will accompany the words that come out of your mouth in melodic beauty. You can also opt to play an instrument. My favorite ones for this age are xylophone, keyboard/piano, recorder, and acoustic guitar.

Here I leave some recommendations on where to get these instruments. Some are affiliate links.

  1. Xylophone

  2. Keyboard/Piano

  3. Recorder

  4. Acoustic Guitar

You can always opt for creating your own musical instruments but *DISCLAIMER*, I am not responsible for off-key results. Some materials you could use are string, cardboard, plastic containers, wood, etc.

But, where do I start? I found this website that shows you what the music your kids are playing should sound like and they sell this book with the music sheets, or you can get the kindle version.

There are also a bunch of booklets available on amazon with classic kids' songs. Here is one for the xylophone, the recorder, the guitar, and the piano.

In the symphony of life, music serves as a universal language that speaks to the soul. As we guide our little ones on this melodic journey, let us remember the profound connection between music and prayer. Through hymns, chants, and sacred melodies, we enrich our Catholic faith, bringing a harmonious resonance to the solemnity of Mass and liturgical seasons. Music becomes a pathway for meditative prayer, allowing the spirit to soar with Gregorian chants— allowing for a divine conversation with God.

As we have learned, choosing intentional melodies becomes a way to cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and spiritual growth. Exploring contemporary Christian music offers an uplifting alternative, providing the rhythm of companionship without compromising our values. As we delve into the world of music, let us seize the opportunity to study not only the art itself but also the great composers, mathematical concepts, historical narratives, and the intrinsic elements of sounds, pitch, rhythm, and tempo.

With this newfound knowledge about music and how to play it, enjoy the wonderful sound of creativity and passion! Embrace the joy of learning through melody, and consider exploring unit studies focused on the multifaceted world of music in the near future.

As we conclude, remember that the joy of music lies not only in the instruments we play but in the vibrant symphony of our own making. Whether you opt for ready-made instruments or embark on crafting your own, let the chords of creativity and passion resonate in the air. May the beauty of music continue to be a source of inspiration, prayer, and connection in the heart of your homeschooling journey.

God bless,

Maria Ignacia

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