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Rainy Day Activity Ideas

Kids running under the rain
Rain Walk
Take your kids for a walk when it is raining. They will enjoy getting wet, jumping in the puddles, the smell of rain, and it is good exercise!
If you prefer, everyone can bring an umbrella if you don't want them to get too wet.
Find Rainbows
While going for a walk or drive during and after the rain, search for rainbows. Explain how they form (refraction), why they appear (God's promise), what other cultures or folktales say about them, talk about the colors, etc.
On a rainy day, or the day after, go out and let your kids jump in puddles. This is not just a fun activity, but allows them to work on their proprioception, strength, balance... They can also play with them by scooping water, mud, and whatever is in them, to develop fine motor skills, exposition to textures, etc.
Kids jumping on puddles
Puddle Jump
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