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Learn through Shopping

Kids at the supermarket
Going to the supermarket is a once a week/month errand that can be very instructional to kids of all ages. Make sure to go with plenty of time so you allow them time to put things in the cart, move them to the belt, paying, bagging, etc.
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Family at the shopping center
Proper behavior, safety measures, and money conscience are some of the life skills your kids can learn from going to the mall. You can also request them to stay on a budget, ask for directions or extra information to the workers at the store, among others.
Kids at the farmers' market
Farmers' Market
Picking ripe fruits and vegetables is a skill your kids will thank you for when they need to buy food for their own families. It is also important for them to see the labor behind growing food, and where it comes from (instead of just a supermarket). And you get the plus of getting the very best quality there is by going to farmers' markets that sell organic and chemical-free produce.
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