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Snowy Day Activity Ideas

Kids playing in the snow
Play in the Snow
Playing in the snow counts as sensory play. This element proves to be very versatile when looking for ways to manipulate it.
Making snowmen, angels, pretend food, snow-ball war games, etc. teaches kids to use their imagination, utilize knowledge from other areas and apply it to the use of snow, among other skills.
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Kids building an igloo
Build Igloos and Forts
Trying to build an igloo requires focus, patience, ingenuity, and effort. Let them discover for themselves that they need to make bricks and stack them to make the structure. Allow them to ask questions about how snow can insulate, and why they built these to stay warm, etc.
Kids painting on snow
Use tempera paint that is washable to allow your children to explore their creativity and do wonderful art creations without ruining their clothes.
You can also use food coloring mixed with water in a spray or squirt bottle to paint.
Snow Painting
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