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Sunny Day Activity Ideas

Kids on inflatable water boats
Swimming provides exercise, coordination, endurance... if you connect those with games, nature, and socialization, you have a great homeschooling activity for the whole family. It could count as physical education, nature studies, mathematics... depending on what you focus on.
River/Lake/Pool Swim
Sand Castle
Play at the Beach
Going to the beach is a fun family activity that provides plenty of opportunities to explore, exercise, learn, and relax. Swim in the ocean, go on a scavenger hunt, make experiments, play games, eat snacks, among others. This activity will develop many motor skills, spike curiosity, and generate new brain connections in your children.
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Water Park and Games
Who says that summer vacations can't have learning activities? Behavior in public places, water safety, sun exposure precautions, creativity, exercise, socialization, family time... are some of the skills and knowledge your children will acquire when going to a water park or participating from water games.
Kids sliding down in a water park
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