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Learn From Survival Skills

Kids camping
Going camping puts you in a primitive situation in which you need to provide for your body's and all other needs. You can practice gathering sticks, looking for food, lighting a fire, assembling a tent, and living without all the commodities you are used to. The contact with nature, the change of scenery and activities, among others, will provide endless learning opportunities for everyone in the family.
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Kids gardening
Kids can be exposed to gardening from a very young age. Asking them to plant seeds and water the soil, all the way to harvesting and cooking their produce, gardening offers everyone in the family a little job to learn from and participate in this chore. Gardening will teach what a life cycle is, what plants need to live and grow, how to get your own food, the fruits of manual labor, cooking... the possibilities of learning at every stage of gardening are endless!
Building a fire is one of the  basic skills a person needs to have to survive. Finding shelter and having the means to make a fire will prove to be the two most important things along with finding water and food. Teach your children fire safety, different ways to produce a fire like with rocks, sticks, saw dust, matches, lighters... and you can also add information on how to make smoke signals, how to use the fire to cook, etc.
Kids at a campfire
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