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Learn by Volunteering

Pet Rescue
Exposing kids to animal rescues is crucial for them to learn several life lessons like pet-ownership responsibilities, how to properly care for them, what to look for when you think someone is neglecting their animals, where to bring abandoned pets, etc. With all that, they can also enjoy the fruits of volunteering in their community, providing help for others, and understanding the value of caring for every living being created by God.
Kids at a pet rescue
Kids at a nursing home with a grandma on a wheel chair
Nursing Home
Caring for the elderly is important and especially if it is done  by children since they can both benefit from it: the adults get some nice socialization, entertainment, and their basic needs met; while the kids learn from their stories, socialize with adults of older ages, learn the meaning of caring for others without getting anything in return (even though they do), etc. This is a beautiful volunteering job that provides a myriad of opportunities to do different activities with elder people.
Community Clean Up
Having nice and clean neighborhoods is an important part of human development. Unfortunately, there are still people who litter and leave things behind in the streets, sidewalks and parks, among others. Thankfully, we can all do something about it and get a valuable life lesson by volunteering to help with the upkeep of our neighborhood and common areas. 
Kids doing community clean up
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